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Name: Debasish
Location: Mridha
'In the morning wonder and be generous like the sun. In the evening, meditate and be kind like the moon...the moon has been loving us with her dreamy smile for billions of years'
Posted on: Sunday - Aug 30, 2015
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Name: Raindog
Location: suomi
Does anyone have information if Jack is playing in Cork Everyman Theatre at New Year's eve? Please I need to know...
Posted on: Sunday - Jul 26, 2015
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Name: W. Benjamen &
Location: V. Vorel
'The crowd is the veil through which the familiar city beckons...as phantasmogoria'

'Universe has it all for you' x
Posted on: Saturday - Jul 11, 2015
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Name: Pa & Lor
Location: Cork
Did i read that correct ? Alan is back with Jack ? Oh jesus what a pair !!! Super Hope to see ye both in Clon Clap
Posted on: Saturday - Jul 11, 2015
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Name: Sarah
Location: Kildare
My very first time to see you Jack, a wonderful performance in the Riverbank, Newbridge. What an amazing voice and fabulous songs, I love the one about the Blue Sunset, enchanting. I'd love to know what the title is to hear it again online or what album is it on. I can't wait for the next show...
Posted on: Wednesday - Jul 8, 2015
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Name: jJohn
Location: Kildare
Hi Jack riverbank great last night good crowd delighted to see Alan there such a talent

Posted on: Sunday - Jul 5, 2015
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Name: Dee
Location: Dublin
Hi Jack,
Loved every minute of your show in the Riverbank Theatre, Newbridge. It just kept getting better and better. Great voice, great showman, great fun. Best night out ever!!

Dee Smiley
Posted on: Sunday - Jul 5, 2015
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Name: JustinPt
Location: United Arab Emirates
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Posted on: Thursday - Jun 25, 2015
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Name: Fran
Location: Kildare
Hi Jack, ever heard of an artist called Miguel Araujo, seen him in concert in Portugal last week and the whole show was very similiar to a Jack show, uncanny, his movements, his interaction with band members, his ukele solo, his encore, position of his band on stage, like been at one of your shows.
Posted on: Monday - Jun 22, 2015
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Name: brian Cosgrove
Location: dundalk
again a superb show
Posted on: Sunday - Jun 7, 2015
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