• Magic Days (CD, Download, Vinyl)

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    Sample Tracks

    Featuring 12 Brand New Tracks including 'The King of Soho' (by kind permission) and 'Sky News Blues'. **Released October 2016**
  • Sample Tracks

    STREAMED - THE BEST OF THE LOCKDOWN SESSIONS (VOL 1) All the best songs from the live internet shows Vol 1.
  • Sample Tracks

    Featuring the songs of Randy Newman, Jack performs the songs of the legendary American Singer/Songwriter. TRACK LISTING:
    1. If You Need Oil
    2. It's Money That I love
    3. Baltimore
    4. Kathleen ( Catholicism made easier )
    5. Sandman's Coming
    6. Sail Away
    7. Falling in Love
    8. I Think It's Going to Rain Today
    9. You Can Leave Your Hat On
    10. Great Nations Of Europe
    11. In Germany Before The War
    12. Lonely At The Top
    13. Guilty
    14. Let's Burn Down The Cornfield
    15. God's Song (That's why I Love Mankind) (Live)
    16. The Beehive State
    17. Burn On
    18. Political Science*
    *First released in October 2008**
  • Broken Songs

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    Featuring 10 brand new tracks by Jack Lukeman featuring the radio hits 'Authentic Fake' and 'Chocolate Eyes'. TRACK LISTING:
    1. Authentic Fake
    2. I've Been Raining
    3. Sweet Low Down
    4. Open your Borders
    5. Wicked Way
    6. Broken Songs
    7. Can't Get Bitter
    8. Chocolate Eyes
    9. Lost In Limbo
    10. Apes & Angels
    **First released in March 2006**