Celebrating the music of Belgian singer/songwriter Jacques Brel and recorded in live in August, 2003, this concert DVD captures the magic that is Jack Lukeman and the passion and charm of Jacques Brel’s classic repertoire.In what the Irish Examiner calls “a passionate, moving, inspired celebration of Brel”, Jack delivers a virtuoso performance of songs such as ‘Jacky’, ‘Seasons in the Sun’ and ‘If You Go Away’.


  1.  Jacky
  2. The Bulls
  3. Sons Of
  4. Next
  5. Lockman
  6. Fannette
  7. Vesoul
  8. My Returning Love
  9. Seasons In The Sun
  10. My Death
  11. Girls From The Streets
  12. Fear Is The Key
  13. The Devil (Okay)
  14. If We Only Have Love
  15. 30th Century Man
  16. Additional Tracks: Port Of Amsterdam, Funeral Tango, If You Go Away, Jacky (Reprise)
  17. Running time: 126 mins
  18. Colour: PALFormat: 16:9

**First released in August 2003**