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All the best songs from the FB live shows Vol 1!

You can buy 1 or in bundles of 5 and 10 for special offer prices to share with your friends.

Available September 2020

Jack Lukeman - Facebook Live Recording

Best of Lockdown Facebook Live Stream Saturday August 8th @ 8pm (BST) for upcoming live album

Jack Lukeman - Facebook Live

Facebook Live Stream Saturday June 20th @ 8pm (BST) with David Bowie and Lou Reed

Bob Dylan and the Great Folk Songbook on Facebook Live, 23rd May @ 8pm (BST)

Maybe a little Simon and Garfunkel or Luke Kelly, John Prine etc. Send on your favourite Folk songs.???

Jack Sings the Songs of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones on Facebook Live on May 16th @ 8pm (BST)


Jack Sings the Songs of Johnny Cash on Facebook Live on May 2nd @ 8pm (BST)

Jack Sings the Songs of the 80's @ 8pm SAT 25th (BST) on Facebook Live

This Saturday Jack will do a Facebook Live stream singing from the great Cohen Songbook. What's your favourite Leonard Song?
Jack sings the songs of Leonard Cohen - April 18th 2020 on Facebook Live