• Metropolis Blue

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    Jack's groundbreaking, platinum selling 1999 album was the one that brought him acclaim. Co-written with axe-man David Constantine, it is packed full of hits including 'Ode to Ed Wood (Girls & Boys)', 'Rooftop Lullaby', 'When the Moon is High' and the anthemic 'Georgie Boy'. TRACK LISTING:
    1. When The Moon Is High
    2. Ode To Ed Wood
    3. Georgie Boy
    4. Rooftop Lullaby
    5. Bedsprings
    6. No Goodbyes
    7. I Ain't Crazy
    8. High Moon
    9. Numero Uno
    10. Metropolis Blue
    11. Taste Of Fall
    12. Wish I Was A Dog
    **First released in 1999**
  • Sample Tracks

    Featuring the songs of Jacques Brel, this 1996 recording of 'Wax' was re-mastered and re-released and contains live classics such as 'Jacky', 'Fannette' and 'Port of Amsterdam' as well as Jack's own 'Fear is the Key'. TRACK LISTING:
    1. If We Only Have Love
    2.  Intro
    3. Jacky
    4. My Death
    5. Lockman
    6. If You Go Away
    7. Fear Is The Key
    8. Port Of Amsterdam
    9. Un Ami Pleure
    10. The Devils
    11. Fannette
    **First released in 1996 - Remastered in 2004**